M. McKinnon

Struck by the creative muse at a young age, today M. McKinnon has a unique style full of colourful metaphors and engaging characters. Her ability to weave together believable worlds can appeal to any reader curious enough to explore her universe.
She has written five fantasy novels to date (the two very early works having been self-published) with three more waiting for traditional publication – and is already scribbling away on her next project. The three awaiting publication follow M. McKinnon’s own species of dragon in a world as extraordinary as they are.
This industrious author can also be found here on Scribe Cat either writing flash fiction or reviews (when she isn’t busy being harassed by her characters or reading, that is)!





Academia Draconia
Available for Pre-Order on Kickstarter

To be a dragonrider you should NOT be afraid of heights…

But when you’ve fallen off your dragon at two thousand feet, you’re probably going to be, all the same. And if you’re a trainee dragonrider, you’ll be afraid sooner. A lot sooner. For Gaile Ashworthey and her fellow students, getting into the course at the Dragon Research Centre had been easy, even if some had travelled half-way across the galaxy to do so. Who didn’t want to be a rider. To soar through the sky on their very own dragon?

There’s unfortunately one major drawback.

Gaile suffers from terrible vertigo and gets dizzy even on the first rung of a ladder. Nor is “teamwork” one of her specialities. That wouldn’t be so bad if “team” wasn’t the very definition of a dragon and rider or that it’s up to the dragon to choose their partner, and they’re notoriously difficult creatures to impress. But when, after the latest setback, Gaile decides to track down the “Ghost” she ends up setting off a chain of events that’ll show that being Strong, Courageous and Tall isn’t the only way to prove your worth…

Dawn of the Winds
Limited Publication (No Longer Available)

The Race Wars which destroyed so much of the known world ended centuries ago. Now lands once ravaged and desolate are beginning to recover; ancient civilizations, once thought lost in battle, are spoken of in whispers and hushed voices as living. Litania, once the seat of a Royal House of great power, is fracturing with internal strife; a new power is rising; and somewhere across the continent, it is said, there lies the fabled treasure known only as the Eye of the Dragon. But not all fables are told to amuse and awe. Raschka, head of the newly formed Sorcerer’s Council, knows this all too well, as does Bestien of the Thieves Guild who has obtained information he is eager to act upon. And two old friends, journeying to the city-state, are about to find that their lives are entwined with the fates of many.

Wolf’s Bane
Limited Publication (No Longer Available)

It’s been a year since the events of Dawn of the Winds and the companions have gone their separate ways. Half a world away people still go about their business as if it had never happened. Knowing little of their narrow escape from destruction, they have enough of their own problems. For something is spreading across the lands, slowly festering in the hearts and minds of those around it. It’s already created a huge wall through the city of Hadria, enclosing the undesirables of the population and leaving them to starve. Trade is slowing down and those without passes see themselves turned away from places they’ve been going to for generations. While trying to escape the rule of a new Councillor, two city dwellers find themselves thrown onto a tumultuous journey taking them right across the continent. But their problems are only beginning…

For the forces behind last year’s events have not been idle and they’re now ready to make their next move – far away from the people that thwarted them the last time…

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