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Newfangled Death by Derek Achoy


Title: Newfangled Death

Author: Derek Achoy

Genre: Horror/Short Story Anthology

Page Count: 54 pages

ISBN: 9781479357420 (Self-published in 2012)

Format: Trade paperback edition

Worth a Read?: Absolutely yes!




“A volume of sad/strange/silly stories featuring weirdos and sweethearts, immobile birds and neglectful planets, all flavoured with a loving dash of death.”

I will preface this review by saying, I’m initially very skeptical of any and all self-published works. There’s a tendency for authors to try doing everything without the experience necessary to completely succeed. I always expect flawed editing, poor design, and printing errors from even the most diligent people.

So imagine my surprise to hold this near-perfect book in my hands. It’s a very thin book at 54 pages in length, but every last story is tidy, articulate, and surprisingly meaningful. There are a total of 8 short stories ranging from the gory “Bookworms” to the more psychologically heartbreaking “Lighthouse.”

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