If you’ve just stumbled across my website or have been fervently searching for an editor, you might still be asking yourself the same question.

Why does my book need to be edited?

As a writer, I learned the importance of a second set of eyes when I finally exchanged my work with another writer. We’re irreplaceable treasures to each other now – both for feedback and inspiration!

The experience taught me that, while I know my work intimately, my mind and eyes gloss over details as big as characters going missing to tiny repetitions or spelling errors. And there’s no substitute for a well-trained, unbiased eye in catching any of those faults!
As an editor, I’ve seen all kinds of errors time and time again – in PRINT – and it devalues what can be a great piece. Every error is a mark against the credibility, clarity, and consistency of the work, whether it’s a fantasy novel with world-breaking plot holes; a website article rife with typos; or a poorly organised academic paper. It takes away from the author’s intent and can drive away readers.

My job is to make sure your manuscript is ready for print – online or on paper – so your story is in the spotlight it deserves.